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Working together for a resilient Aire

The Aire Resilience Company (ARC) offers an exciting opportunity for the Leeds business community to come together to make Leeds and the Aire Valley more resilient to climate change and a greener, better place to do business.

ARC is being developed through a partnership between The Rivers Trust, Leeds City Council, the Environment Agency, the Aire Rivers Trust and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. It will be an independent, commercial mechanism enabling the delivery of long-term, evidence-based natural flood management interventions (NFM) in the Upper Aire Valley. These will complement, and enhance the protection afforded by the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme (LFAS), creating resilience against the impact of climate change and ensuring the future protection of Leeds and its surrounding areas for decades to come.

ARC’s offer to businesses and companies across the Aire catchment is to be join ARC’s proactive, innovative consortium approach to increasing resilience and reducing future flood risk brought by climate change. In return, businesses will benefit from enhanced flood risk reduction along with a range of additional benefits derived from the use of nature-based solutions.

Working in partnership

We’re a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC)

Nature-based solutions

Large scale nature-based solutions to mitigate against the impact of climate change

Blends public & private finance

Helping local businesses meet ESG and Net-Zero ambitions

Helping future proof Leeds against climate change

In 2015, Storm Eva resulted in major floods across Leeds and its surrounding areas. Learn more about how the Aire Resilience Company will complement and enhance the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme (Leeds FAS) to help prevent this happening in the future.

Taking a proactive step in mitigating climate change

Aire Resilience Company is inviting businesses to join a consortium of buyers into ARC. Learn how your business can take a proactive step in mitigating the local impact of climate change, particularly local flood risk on your business and community.

Work with us

Demonstrate real leadership and join us in taking a unique approach to funding the long-term maintenance of natural flood management interventions in the Aire catchment through creation of a NFM Buyer Consortium.